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Why Vegan Knits?

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Yoga gear and vegan knits might seem like an uncommon pairing, but here at Koona we believe in being mindful of our impact long after yoga class has ended. Vegan clothing means that there are no animal products that are used to keep us warm and comfy -- no leather, fur, wool, or silk. A little research into wool shows that it is far from a benign process for animals. Alas, on to happier thoughts!

The good news is that vegan clothing can look and feel every bit as awesome as the alternative. Our fibers of choice are cotton, poly, and acrylic, which, due to blending can create a fabric just as soft and spectacular as the most expensive cashmere.

Our yoga pants are made of polyester, spandex, and nylon, designed in Fort Collins, Colorado but manufactured overseas. The fabric is moisture-wicking and stretches with you, making it perfect for hot yoga. All knits are designed and handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado. All styles and designs are limited edition.

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