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Starting a Yoga Clothing Business - The Inside Scoop of a Startup

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I originally included a blog on my site to fill with inspiring thoughts of whimsy that would naturally lead people to buy Koona clothes. I haven't been very good at posting, despite the fact that I've been a successful blogger in the past. So instead of posting what I feel I should write, I'm going to write about what I want--which is, the absolute, hair-pulling, why-did-I-think-this-was-a-good-idea, am-I-failing-at-something-once-again (!) experience of starting a yoga clothing business. By oneself. At the age of 43. No investors. No husband slash significant other. And two fat cats.

To begin, it's such little ole me behind this venture. And when I mean little, I mean that most fourth graders are taller than. I know this because I have one of those...a fourth grader (now fifth starting in August). I started selling back in November 11, 2014, which means that I am determined to make more progress by my anniversary. I am currently selling my clothing a little bit on my Etsy shop and in local gyms. Shopify sales to date: $0.

One of the issues I've dealt with is having good pictures. Models? Photographer? Renting awesome studio space? More on all of that later (another post). I've also realized that as a clothing company, I'm well served to have a wide selection of products (duh, I know). That's a big barrier for a lot of reasons, although I've recently begun making more of the items in my line. My goal is one new item a day. As of late, I've been using my son as my photographer. Usually there is bribery involved because taking pictures of his mom in yoga pants is not exactly what he looks forward to after a day of soccer camp. He's away for the week with his father, so I've resorted to putting my iPhone on a ladder and setting a timer app. There's been some trial and error. Some internal bribery, but I think the end result wasn't too bad. It's up on my etsy page, because I find it easier to add products there.

Up next? What I've learned about fitness ambassadorship.








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