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Peddling Yoga Gear on Instagram

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I've enjoyed instagram long before it came to be know as a free social media marketing tool (what 40-something woman doesn't love a filter when you're smiling into the sun?). Yet, with a mere 146 followers after 56 posts, I can't help feel a bit unloved. And what am I doing wrong? Am I an instagram dork and I didn't know it? Onwards to the Internet!

I discovered this article, about ZuVi and how sales of their plastic bottle leggings exploded. The article leaves a bit of mystery for aspiring copycats, but it's basically all about fitness ambassadorships. My understanding (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong): find yogis and other athletic slash creative types on instagram to model your clothes. They receive free clothes and a possible commission on clothing that they sell as a result of their pitch. These sales are tracked by a coupon code linked to the ambassador (easy to generate on shopify or etsy). Messaging people on instagram can be arduous and I feel too pathetic to make a request via a comment. Obviously, the more followers the better, however, these individuals feel out of my league. I recently contacted someone who was already following my feed. I also absolutely loved her poses. The more creative and dramatic the poses, generally the better probability of a like or follow. I do a lot of yoga but I can't touch my toes to the back of my head. Those crazy shenanigans gets some likes.

On a positive note, I sold some clothes in person (friend of a friend admiring said friend's yoga pants and Koona top). Yay!

Other July 29, 2015 stats:

Fitness ambassadors: 2

Shopify sales: 0

Number of items for sale on Etsy: 41

Number of items sold today: 2

What I had for lunch: eggplant hummus wrap and raspberry tarte

Number of sales pitchy pitches I made today (via email): 1

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