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Partnership with Four the Paws - Marketing via Charities

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I'm a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. Or kids, the environment, drowning polar bears, homeless Monarch butterflies; you name it. It's the reason I can't eat meat or wear leather (and the reason that all my shoes are ugly and plastic). Homeless animals are just so much easier to help than a polluted lake, though I did assist a standing body of water or two while I worked for NJDEP. Or thought I did.

In an effort to spread the word about Koona, I created a partnership with one of my favorite animal rescue groups, Four the Paws. I'll donate ten percent of gross sales linked to Four the Paws' marketing to the organization. This is tracked by an esty coupon code (4thepawsfreeship) at my store, advertised on instagram and their facebook page, which also entitles the buyer to free shipping. Full disclosure: Four the Paws is run by my mom and sister. I've volunteered before by sewing cat beds, filing a tax return, editing their facebook feed, and making cash donations. So essentially, they couldn't deny my partnership unless they wanted to make Christmas dinner very, very uncomfortable. Pimping your family is the manure for all good startups. We'll see how this one goes. I saw a boost in views at my Etsy page, but no sales today.

Number of pitchy sales pitches: 0

Number of etsy items for sale: 42

Dinner: hummus wrap, salad, two 90 schillings, 1 carton of saltines

Future Blog post musings: Do people read on Instagram?


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