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Why my gym won't carry Koona

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I don't know the answer to this, but it chafes me like an ungusseted pair of yoga shorts. My clothing sells well at Raintree Athletic Club, but the gym where I've been a member for six years has not agreed to sell Koona. Yet they have a proshop---in four of their gyms. They aren't a chain and proudly state on their door that they support Colorado businesses.

It took me six months to finally get an appointment with the proshop manager and independent buyer. They appeared to like the clothes. They tried them on, agreed they were definitely not see through, but only offered a potential invitation to a trunk show at the opening of a fifth "boutique" gym. The date of the trunk show is TBA. The independent buyer said she likes to see a full palette of colors in each season (I agree, but offering many designs, colors, each season is obviously a huge capital investment). And starting with just one style to sell in their store seems like a reasonable beginning.

I realize that I'm a new brand, but I offer a couple advantages: a guaranteed purchase and no minimums. Many yoga clothing brands require either a $500 or $1000 minimum, which can be a burden to small gyms. I tell studios that they can buy only one pair of yoga pants if they want. Free shipping! I've also told my gym that I offer a guaranteed purchase so that if something doesn't sell, I'll take it back for exchange or refund. I offer that to Raintree and have never had to refund money. Yet, still, my gym won't carry my clothes. I recently sent an email with the photo above, reminding them of my guaranteed purchase policy.....crickets. At what point do you give up? It's difficult when you really believe in the product you are selling. And getting Koona into four, soon to be five, local gyms would be a great boost. Sigh.

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