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Pimping pants in person

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I recently returned from the East Coast visiting family. The majority of my sales are to yoga studios and gyms, therefore I send out many, many emails to such places. Most times I don't hear back. I've worked as a freelance writer so I'm accustomed to a lot of rejection. I'll usually send two emails, and if I don't even get any response, I'll usually move on.

And then there are exceptions. Like you are in town visiting family, itching to sell some yoga pants. I put on the most popular pair, the peacock ones and showed up at the studio where I knew in my heart it would be a great fit. The name of the studio is actually The Prancing Peacock. By a complete stroke of luck, the owner was showing up in 10 minutes.

She looked at my legs, "Oh, I love those." She ended up buying a pair for herself, her daughter, and eight more for her studio's boutique. To start.

I had some pairs on me, but not all 10 (I had actually sold another pair to a yoga teacher at another gym). I included free shipping if she was willing to pay right then. She did with a card, thanks to my square reader.

I practically cart-wheeled out of there. Maybe I need to show up wearing my clothing more often.


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