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How to Make An Infinity Scarf

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Making an infinity scarf is a sewing project even for beginners. My favorite fabric is a jersey knit; they are soft, have some stretch, and never wrinkle.

All you need is 24 inches of fabric. My go-to source for fabric is Once you have the fabric cut (right sides together), open it and fold it lengthwise. 

You'll need to pin the sides together. Jersey knits tend to curl, but it's important to make sure the edges are flat against each other.

Then you will need to make 4 inches in on each side. Some people use chalk. I use a safety pin.

You will want to start sewing at that point, rather than at the edge.

Sew a straight stitch from chalk line to chalk line or safety pin to safety pin. Then turn your tube inside out; right sides will be outside.

Take each of the open seams and pin them together. At this point, it's a mess of fabric, but you are basically sewing the tube into a circle with a tiny open area.

 Once this part is completed, you should have an opening. Some people hand sew it closed, but I usually machine sew a straight stitch for a more secure scarf.

Scarves make the perfect Christmas gift. They can also be used as nursing covers.

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