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Our Fitness Ambassadors

Sarah Teddy Klein is a Health Coach and Yoga Instructor in Durango, Colorado. Sarah believes that health is a balanced recipe that extends much further than what is on our plates. Sarah takes a whole picture approach when working with clients; aiding them in finding a balance between not only what nurtures our bodies, but what feeds our souls.
Klein’s yoga classes are upbeat, lighthearted and fun, aiding students in pushing themselves to the edge, but no further. She strives to lead a class in which individuals of all levels and yoga backgrounds feel comfortable, enabling them to develop their own personal practice. She has even extended her studies and interest in spreading the practice of yoga to those faced with cancer. Sarah is honored to work with all levels of cancer patients and is continuously inspired with the art of yoga as it provides an amazing tool in the process of healing. She places great value on the connection between the mind and body and believes that true health is a balanced recipe of the two. Through the physical practice of yoga, one can begin to restrain the ever-moving mind. Klein’s love for the art and science of yoga continues to grow deeper each time she steps off her mat. Her mission is to spread the art and science of yoga to the masses, assisting others in finding a moving, breathing meditation on and off the mat.

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